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Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.

wagon Hbs wagons (Covered goods wagon)

Hbs wagons (Covered goods wagon)

The German State Railway (GDR) had many thousands of these two-axle covered goods wagons of types Gbs and Hbs built from 1966. The wagons were of steel construction and had a wide sliding door on each side as well as two ventilation grilles. Their loading area was some 25 m², which provided ample space for goods sensitive to moisture, particularly parcels traffic.

Some hundreds of the wagons were also fitted out with twelve folding double bunk beds which were folded down against the walls in normal freight traffic. The wagons were however also used to transport troops in which event the beds were folded out and covered with palliasses, to afford the soldiery a more or less (un)comfortable night's resting place. Our two wagons are also fitted with this equipment and were also fitted with simple cast-iron stoves. The idea of passengers being carried in conditions like these is really not altogether pleasant, since the wagons have neither lighting nor sanitary facilities.

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