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28.11.2020: New diesel engines for Wittenberge

Last week, a member of the association received an offer to take over replacement engines for the shunting locomotives of a roof tile factory in Karstädt. The company already existed in GDR times and at that time sent its goods by rail, which is why it had two locomotives of the V10B series. After the reunification, the transport was gradually shifted to the road and the locomotives became unemployed.

In order to ensure that the works locomotives were ready for operation, the company had a fairly large stock of spare parts, including two spare engines.

As the spare parts store was now closed down, the company was looking for a buyer for the motors. We gladly took them over and were able to pick them up on November, 27th.

At the weekend they were unloaded and subjected to an initial inspection.

For technology fans: These are air-cooled engines of the 6 KVD 14.5 SRL series from the VEB IFA engine plant in Schönebeck near Magdeburg. With their six cylinders they only produce 120 hp, but they are very durable and were also installed in trucks, construction and agricultural machinery in GDR times.
Also worth mentioning: On November, 27th, the museum also received a truckload of hard coal from Poland. We bought the coal just in time before the end of the year, because the CO2 tax will be increased in 2021 and the fuel for our steam locomotives will then be much more expensive.

21.11.2020: Winter work

Although there is no visitor traffic in winter, there is still a lot to do. We have to prepare our steam locomotive 50 3570 for the upcoming boiler overhaul. One of the measures to be taken is to open the so-called steam dome. This is located at the top of the boiler and contains a circular cover, which is fastened with 40 bolts the size of a thumb. These must all be unscrewed and the cover, which weighs around 50 kilos, must be moved aside at a lofty height. Underneath sits the steam regulator. This is a valve that is operated from the driver's cab and allows the steam from the boiler to enter the locomotive's drive cylinders. The steam regulator must be removed and overhauled. On the following picture you can see the opened steam dome and in the middle the still installed steam regulator:

Even more modern vehicles need maintenance from time to time as well. In the next picture, the coolant of diesel loco 114 774 is being replaced. The new one has enough antifreeze. It is delivered in concentrated form in drums and has to be mixed with water. The liquid is first pumped from the blue barrel in the foreground into the square container, diluted with water and then fed into the locomotive's cooling system. You are probably wondering how much coolant such a locomotive engine needs: about 750 litres.

The field team was also active. Today the foundation of our new telephone booth was laid. We recently reported on its acquisition.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 114 774-3

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12.10.2020: Review of the event Autumn Steam 2020

It is with great pleasure that the active members of the museum and many, many visitors look back on our event Autumn Steam 2020 last weekend. We have received extremely positive feedback. We thank you for the compliments and the positive feedback. At this point we review the event with some snapshots:
On Friday, 9.10.2020, we devoted ourselves entirely to the preparations for the event. First of all, the steam locomotives were supplied with solid fuels.

Then all the vehicles that were thirsty for diesel were lined up in a row and served by the tanker.

Those needing some electricioty for the starter were also in the future were also serviced. Here is our new acquisition V320 001 (surely a little bit more on this in the next few months)

And on Saturday morning catering for the visitors was also secured. Many thanks also to the volunteer fire department Wittenberge. Your pea soup was unbeatable once again!

Then we were ready to start the event. We were happy about the many visitors. Some of them took the opportunity to photograph the yellow moster from an unusual perspective.

Others traveled with the historic passenger car on the circuit through the grounds.

Others took advantage of the presence of visiting vehicles from Neumünster and Magdeburg (many thanks to each there!), which made one or two laps of the harbour railroad in Wittenberge.

And for those who still hadn't had enough, they took a ride on the driver's cab of our steam locomotive 50 3570, which started from the signal box Wm.

Those who were present on Sunday could even experience the first moves of our diesel locomotive 114 774-3 under its own power. The diesel locomotive was put into service by the Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1975 and is the youngest member of our vehicle exhibition at the age of 45.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 114 774-3, V 320 001-1

Stichwörter: Veranstaltung

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26.09.2020: Special train with connection to the port

Last Saturday, a special train in the form of the VT43 of the HANSeatische Eisenbahn GmbH with a private travel group arrived at the Historic Locomotive Shed Wittenberge.

After a short stop, a steam connection train was running, which operated over the Wittenberg Harbour branch.

On returning it was possible to take a seat alongside our newcomer V320 and have a little lunch

What else was new:
The wilderness behind the big water tower was cleared. The old pipe store was revealed, which was now covered with a roof again and can now be used for its original purpose.

Since the weather on Saturday was not so exhilarating, the further work was concentrated rather in the engine shed. Here the lathe was in operation again.

vehicle: V 320 001-1

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19.09.2020: New large exhibit in the Historical Engine Shed

During the night of September 18 to 19, 2020, a new exhibit reached the museum. It is the largest diesel locomotive built in Germany since the war. It was manufactured by Henschel of Kassel and put into operation by the German Federal Railways in 1962. Originally with an installed power of 3,200 hp, ot was uprated to 3,800 hp, and worked heavy trains initially from Hamm in Westphalia and later on over the Bavarian Allgäu line.
The locomotive remained a singleton and was returned to the manufacturer in 1974. From there it was sold to the Hersfelder Kreisbahn and in 1989 on to the Teutoburger Waldeisenbahn. From 1994 to 1998 it gave a guest performance in Italy and then returned to Germany, where she was acquired by track construction company Wiebe, which used her until 2015, when she suffered axle bearing damage. From 2017 to 2020 she returned to her place of origin and was parked behind closed doors at Bombardier, the successor to Henschel. Now that the locomotive has been returned to the owner, the latter decided to make it available to the Historic Locomotive Shed Wittenberge as an exhibit.
The following pictures show the locomotive immediately after its arrival in Wittenberge.

If you want to experience the locomotive yourself, you should make a note of October 10 or 11, 2020. On the occasion of the museum's autumn festival, the locomotive will be presented out in the open-air in a position that is suitable for photography.

vehicle: V 320 001-1

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The Coronavirus pandemic is a stress test for all of us.

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