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Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.


08.05.2021: Working instead of celebrating

Actually, our spring festival should have taken place this weekend. But unfortunately, Covid threw a spanner in the works. Nevertheless, we made a virtue out of necessity and did various jobs. Let's start with the Breuer tractor. We were able to install the new lubrication pads on the axles, so that we will soon be able to put the vehicle back on its own wheels.

In addition, the brake system is being made passable and the rust is being removed from the cladding panels.

Our steam locomotive Emma is also being awakened from hibernation. After washing out the boiler, the washing hatches were put back in place and the pipes leading from the firebox into the smokebox were cleaned of ash and soot.

The work on the tender of the 50 3570 also continues. Yesterday, the brake beams were installed and the brake shoes were mounted, of course with brand-new brake pads.

Work also continued outside the locomotive shed. The piles of sleepers, which had been stored temporarily, were loaded onto freight wagons and taken to their final storage place.

And a new fire water pipe was laid from the water tower to the Magdeburg side of the station. It was a good thing that we had a mini-excavator at our disposal for this task.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, Breuer Lokomotor

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04.04.2021: Preparation of the tender

Some active members of the museum used the Easter holidays to further maintain the tender of steam locomotive 50 3570. First the coals were unloaded with our excavator.

Using a high-pressure cleaner, the tender was cleaned from all sides in order to be able to examine it for previously hidden damage. Fortunately, there were no corresponding findings.

The already dismantled brake parts were cleaned with rotating brushes and paint was removed in order to be able to detect possible damage. Here, too, there were no significant findings.

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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27.03.2021: Diesel locomotive 60022 in operation

Today was dedicated to vehicle care. Especially the exhibits that currently have to stand outside need regular care. So today the axle bearings of our steam locomotive 44 and the diesel locomotives V60 and V22 were oiled. Since the exhibits are quite heavy, we put diesel locomotive 60022 into operation, with which the shunting could be done without any problems.
The diesel locomotive is an engine from MaK in Kiel with 600 HP. An interesting feature of the locomotive is that it does not have an electric starter to start the engine. Rather, compressed air is fed into the engine so that it completes the first few revolutions pneumatically. In the process, diesel is injected into the cylinders and the engine takes ignition. The following film shows how this works:

The following pictures show our diesel locomotive 60022 on its way to the exhibits standing outside and the provision of the locomotives on our maintenance channel in the outside area of the museum

In addition, we removed an axle and the corresponding springs from our freight car

vehicle: 60022

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13.03.2021: Latest Activities

Now that the frost has largely gone, it is easier to work on the vehicles again. This week, the tender boxes of the tender intended for our 50 3570 were cleaned.

In addition, some brake parts have already been cleaned of coarse dirt.

Then our freight wagon, which is currently being refurbished, could get some fresh air. It was turned on the turntable so that the half of the wagon that had not been clad so far could be worked on in the shed.

For the sidecar 190 851 we are still looking for a tail light to be mounted on the front side of the car. On the following photo you can see one of the still existing lights. Perhaps one of you, dear visitors and railway enthusiasts, still has such a light at home and would like to return it to its original use. We would be happy to discuss the conditions and ask you to send a message to the board of our association. Thank you very much!

A donation in the form of many mementos of the Reichsbahn reached us last Friday. A couple from Fleetmark gave us several collector's items, some of which we put on display on the wall of the engine shed on Saturday. Many thanks again!

Finally the window above the entrance door of our water tower is glazed. We think that the hard work was worth it.

Construction work of a different kind is going on at the former Magdeburg side of the station. On the site of the former goods ramp and the milk yard, a supermarket with accompanying car park is being built. For this reason, our property boundary has been moved a bit and the fence has been relocated.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 190 851-6

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27.02.2021: Work continues

Last week, some long-awaited work was completed. The brake linkage on the tender of our steam locomotive 50 3570 was dismantled in order to refurbish some moving parts. Here the colleague first looks how he can best reach the screws and bolts that have to be unscrewed.

A short time later, success is reported. The brake crossbars are removed and neatly spread out on the floor so that one can see which part belongs to which place.

Work also continued in our locomotive shed extension, which is used for storage. First, the ceiling was insulated to reduce the extreme temperature fluctuations between winter and summer in the room. Then a partition wall was installed to divide the large room.

Progress can also be seen on the water tower. For example, the windows on the ground floor were uncovered, the window frames repainted and then glazed. The window frame above the door has also been fitted in the meantime. However, it is still covered by a wooden board, because the glass will not be fitted until next week.

And last but not least, work was also done on the tracks. We regularly have to replace dilapidated wooden sleepers with used concrete ones. Since such work requires appropriate equipment, we have contracted out the work to a certified specialist company. The following picture shows a new sleeper field near our goods ramp.

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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