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wagon Tank wagon

Tank wagon
Builder:Waggonfabrik Quedlinburg

A black tank wagon alongside the museum's signal box Wm greets our visitors at the entrance to the museum. This wagon was built in the 1920s by the Quedlinburg wagon factory. The customer for whom it was built can no longer be ascertained. Wagons of this type were frequently delivered to industrial concerns for transporting (liquid) products to their customers.

Our wagon was last employed by the Osthannoversche Eisenbahn as a water-carrier for a weedkilling train. After that, it was stored for several years in the repair shops in Bleckede before we acquired it in 2010; it was restored in 2014.

The wagon is painted in what is believed to be its 1920's style. Ownership is shown as Samuel Herz Oelfabriken Wittenberge AG. as an acknowledgement to the company, once of great significance for the town of Wittenberge. Later, the company operated under the name M

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