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Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.


30.07.2019: Current work

The summer season and the warm temperatures only invite to a limited extent to sudorific activities in the historical locomotive shed. Nevertheless, active members are not idle, working on vehicles and facilities. Firstly, the collecting funnel at the water crane in front of the locomotive line was dismantled and a new foundation including a septic tank was installed. Soon the funnel will be replaced and hopefully it will be stable again for the next few years.

Secondly we worked on our car transport car from the government train of Walter Ulbricht. The long time standing out in the open caused the transitions between the walls and the roof to rust. So that no more rainwater can penetrate, new metal sheets were welded in on a large scale. It is planned to use the car for temporary exhibitions. An exhibition on track construction is to be set up soon.

Thirdly, a new exhibit is currently being worked on, which we expect to be delivered to Wittenberge on the occasion of the association's anniversary on October 12/13, 2019. It is a small narrow gauge locomotive with the unusual track gauge of 685 mm, which was built in 1912 by the Maschinenfabrik Heilbronn. From the website, it can be seen that it bears the factory number 581 and has an output of 80 hp. It was originally owned by construction company Ph. Holzmann, working in their own gravel pit Gehespitz in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt/M. and numbered Rbl 201; it stood from 1968 on a playground in Obertshausen and from 1993 at the Verein Verkehrsamateure und Museumsbahn e.V. in Aumühle. The following picture shows the locomotive when it was being collected from Aumühle:

In the last four years the locomotive has been refurbished externally by a member of our association in hundreds of hours of hard work.

Since such locomotives have mastered heavy transport tasks in construction work, civil engineering and agriculture all over Germany including sites in the Altmark and along the Elbe, we are happy to take the small locomotive into our care. In order to be able to exhibit it on standard gauge track, a new trolley has been specially made, which will display the locomotive on a short piece of track.


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