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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


08.05.2020: Rolling stock repairs and gardening

As we were able to open the museum for visitors again on May 9, we had to tidy up the premises before that. We do like flowers and plants, but only where they belong. One of the places where they definitely do not belong is around our permanent way. We therefore called in a specialist company to clear the weeds from our tracks professionally.

In Corona times you look for tasks that you can do on your own with safe social distancing. There is always something to do even if it is weed control by hand.

By the way, our rolling stock are also making good progress. Our G10 covered wagon is making good progress. It should actually have wooden board walls and a wooden floor. However, since the wood had rotted, it was all removed. Since the wagon is now much lighter, we were able to remove the axles, derust the axle guides and the axles themselves, repaint them and put the first axle back in.

The trailer 190 851, which reached us from Berlin a few weeks ago, is proving to require more work than we anticipated. Unfortunately, the ends are very badly marked by wind and weather and the rust corrosion has got a good foothold in the meantime and must be repaired.

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