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09.10.2021: Autumn festival

In bright sunshine, the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge was celebrated its autumn festival last weekend. The event was very well attended. We welcomed a total of 1,400 guests. The consistently positive feedback encourages us that we are on the right track. Many thanks for your visit and also a big thank you to the RBB radio station in Perleberg, which referred to our event in its weekend tips.
But let's take it one step at a time: On the Friday before the event, we noticed that a small hare had fallen into the turntable pit and could not get out under its own power. So we held a hare hunt, caught the little guy and released him. He is doing well again.

Of course, the rolling stock and equipment also had to be prepared for the event. Locomotives had to be cleaned and supplies provided, barbecues, benches and tables prepared and food and drink bought, baked and cooked. Our special thanks at this point once again go to the Wittenberge fire brigade. Once again, they cooked their delicious pea soup and provided it for our guests.

On the days of the event we captured some more impressions, which we will show in the following.

Do you, dear guests, feel like sharing your pictures with us? If you have beautiful pictures of the event, we would be pleased to receive a selection and publish them here later. Please send us an email to, attach the pictures and tell us whether we may mention your name in case of publication. Thank you very much!
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