Forthcoming steam weekends (2022):
09-10 July 11 September 08-09 October
Opening hours at other times:
from 09 April to 22 October every saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.
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Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.


15.05.2022: After the party is before the party

After everyone recovered from the quite exhausting last weekend with our first big event this year, some already started cleaning up again. So our steam locomotives 50 3570, Emma and Pritzwalk were stripped and filled with new supplies.

On 50 3570, the supply line from the valve box pressure gauge was also removed because it was leaking. The associated pressure gauge on the locomotive's cab shows the engineer how high the pressure of the steam flowing into the drive cylinders is.

On our steam locomotive Emma, we noticed that some grate bars were bent. These are cast iron bars on which the fire in the boiler burns. Between the grate bars are gaps through which the combustion residues such as slag and ash can fall into a collecting container, the so-called ash box. Due to thermal effects, the grate bars bend over time and have to be replaced. Unfortunately, you cannot buy such grate bars in the store around the corner, but they have to be custom-made. Unfortunately, this is expensive and time-consuming. Do you have the possibility to support us financially? Please donate with the intended purpose "Emma". Donations to our association are tax deductible. If you would like to do so or if you have any questions, please contact our board (

Not without reason the title of our news is "After the party is before the party". The next events are on the horizon. Namely, in the next few weeks our rather robust exhibits will be combined with the fine, beautiful arts. So there will be two concerts in the Lokschuppen as part of the event series "Klanglandschaft Prignitz 2022". At the first concert on Sunday, May 29th, suites by Bach and texts by M. Maeterlinck will be performed starting at 4 pm. The concert on Saturday, June 26th offers "legendary journeys" to the music centers of the 18th century with the Trio Tiefsaits starting at 5 pm. Tickets are available at the box office on site. More information is also available on the website of the City of Wittenberge at

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