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30.07.2023: News

Due to holidays we had to stop our newsletter a little bit, but now we are back again and provide you with the latest news from our museum in Wittenberge.
Let's start with the work on our vehicles. At the moment we are working on the tender for the steam locomotive 50 3570. Unfortunately, the work is taking quite a long time, because there is more damage to repair than initially thought. However, our project manager thinks that "land is in sight" now.

Another construction site is our diesel locomotive 114 754. As reported, the locomotive is soon to receive a general inspection, which is necessary in order to be able to use it universally on the German rail network. Such a general inspection is comparable to a regular inspection of a car, only much more extensive and labor-intensive (and therefore, unfortunately, much more expensive).

Since it must be determined and certified that the locomotive is roadworthy and meets the applicable requirements, the following work, among other things, must be performed:
The locomotive must be lifted out of the bogies so that they and the locomotive frame can be inspected for cracks or other damage. For this purpose, we have already removed the cardan shafts that transmit the driving force from the locomotive's transmission to the two bogies and thus the axles. The next picture shows the locomotive from below.

In the bogies, the brake parts must be inspected and replaced if necessary. Usually, the brake linings (also called "brake pads") are replaced right away. The same applies to the brake control parts, which are located in the locomotive body and in the driver's cab.
This is followed by an ultrasound examination of the axles, the bogies' pivots and the train hooks. This examines whether there are any cracks here that may not yet be visible to the naked eye, but which could later lead to fractures during operation and thus to serious accidents.
The locomotive's suspension is also inspected. If necessary, springs and vibration dampers must be replaced.
Then the wheels on the axles are examined. They are also checked for cracks. In addition, the so-called wheel tires, which enclose the actual wheel and which it rolls on the rail, are inspected. The wheel tires must sit firmly on the wheel discs, have a certain minimum thickness and the so-called profile, i.e. the rolling surface and the shape of the wheel flange, must be within the scope of the applicable standards. This should ensure that the axles roll smoothly and safely over the rails and do not derail.
We will inform you about further work here and of course also publish a few pictures when the time has come.
By the way, the work is being carried out at the Schienenfahrzeugwerke Wittenberge, our neighbours. This company is equipped and certified for such work. If you would like to take a look behind otherwise closed doors at our neighbours', we recommend 9.9.2023.

Now let's take a look around our site. Thanks to Bernd from Berlin for the pictures.

If you want to visit us again, there are several occasions to do so:

12.8. Industrial Heritage Day: On this day, many, many historical sites are open in the federal state of Brandenburg. Take a look at the internet address linked here, where you will find all the participating museums. Maybe combine a trip to us with a visit to another museum nearby

09.09.2023 Open day at the Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam, our neighbours in Lokschuppen III.

10.09.2023 Open Monument Day: Many museums throughout Germany present themselves here and provide insights into their work and behind the scenes. And so will we! More information will be available soon.

16.09.2023 Rail Day: This day of action is celebrated annually in September as part of European Mobility Week. On this day of action, numerous events take place all over Germany about the railway as a means of transport. More information will be available shortly.

07./08.10.2023 Autumn Steam: End of season at the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge with vehicle exhibition / demonstrations, parades, driver's cab rides, tours of the site and harbour tours. More information will be available in early to mid-September 2023.
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