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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


13.08.2017: Progress in the reconditioning of vehicles and the well system

The active members used the warm weather to refurbish vehicles. First, the car carrier vehicle from Walter Ulbricht's government train was repainted and several patches of rust damage were treated. The car was completely gutted and all doors unhung, which required some effort due to the size of the sliding doors on the sides. Subsequently, sheet metal work was carried out, particularly along the transition from the roof to the car body. Then the entire car was primed and repainted in historically correct colour and the inscriptions were renewed. In addition, the windows were resealed to prevent the ingress of rainwater. On 13.8.2017 the car was on display again at our goods ramp.

The restoration of our class V22 diesel locomotives has also made progress. The former locomotive No. 3 of the Zellstoffwerke Stendal (left in the picture) was repainted and now bears the inscription as the locomotive of the former Wittenberge oil mill, which used to have an identical loco. The former locomotive No. 2 of the Zellstoffwerke (on the right) has meanwhile undergone a general overhaul and is now available for service.

The preservation of our well system for supplying our locomotives with service water has also made great progress and the well shaft has been newly fenced in.

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