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16.03.2019: Work completed and updates

VB 197 805

First a few words on progress of restoring railcar trailer VB 197 805: the passenger accommodation was completely stripped out some time ago.

Now begins the work of refitting the interior furnishings. The reusable parts are inspected and then reconditioned for re-installation. Some of the switch cabinets have already been fettled up by members.

On 15.3.2019, we were advised by the State's railway inspectorate that in principle, they would be prepared to consider re-certifiction of the vehicle for museum use. Admittedly, before that can happen, the situation regarding the vehicle documentation must be clarified, which may present some few problems. However, the fact that it is a possibility - and indeed one which we intend to bring about - the further work of restoration will be planned with this in mind.

OHE diesel shunter 60022

On 16.3.2019, restoration of the loco's braking system was completed. All components are back where they belong, although they have been cleaned and repainted and some of them have been replaced by new parts. The loco is scheduled for test running on the museum's tracks on 6.4.2019 - that is the museum's opening day of the 2019 season. Do come along and experience with us the first movements of the loco since its overhaul!


We are delighted to have been able to finish work on the tracks at the water tower and the sanding facility before the start of the season. Sleepers have been replaced over around 100 metres of track and the spent ballast replaced by cleaned ballast.

Work on the track in the locoshed itself is also making good progress. In the meantime, sleepers and rails have been laid. Now the more important jobs still remaining are concreting the space between the rails and those between the outside of the rails and the existing floor.


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