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small diesel locomotive V 22 B

Builder:VEB Lokomotivbau Karl Marx Babelsberg
Power output:220 PS
State:In working order

Since July 2014 the collection of the Historische Lokschuppen Wittenberge has been enriched by two locomotives of type V 22 B. The two machines came to us from the Zellstoff Stendal GmbH in Arneburg.

The V 22 B was developed by the VEB Lokomotivbau "Karl Marx" (LKM) Babelsberg for light shunting operations in stations and for use on industrial systems and private siding connections. The prototype of the V 22 type was delivered in 1967 and series production started shortly afterwards.

In 1968, the German State Railway took over 80 of the machines, designating them class V 23 (from 01.06.1970: class 102.0) in their motive power stock list. Four of them were allocated to Bw Wittenberge, from where they worked over the lines of the Perleberger Kreisringbahn and elsewhere. Many machines of this type were delivered to industrial concerns in the GDR. These rod-driven diesel locos were also a great success in the export market, winning customers in such countries as Egypt, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. To further extend the field of operation or these small machines, a multiple control system was developed in 1968, with which our two locos are also equipped. This system allowed two locos to be controlled from one driving cab, but not many locos were fitted with this technology.

Due to the enormous demand for them, construction of the V 22 B continued long after the official discontinuation of locomotve production in Babelsberg in spring 1970. Not until 1976 did loco construction cease with the V 22 B. Some 670 of the 220 HP rod-driven diesel locos had been produced in the Babelsberg erecting shops. The two new members of the museum collection were two of the last locomotive built by the former LKM.

When hew, the locos were delivered to the VEB Kraftwerksanlagenbau Dresden to work in the planned nuclear power generating plant in Niedergörne, where they were given the numbers 1 (works number 0262.6.660; handed over on 31.05.1976) and 3 (worls number 0262.6.664; handed over on 08.06.1976). When work on the nuclear power station was abandoned in 1990, they stayed in Arneburg, where they were later taken over by the Zellstoff Stendal GmbH (ZSG) as loco 2 (ex No. 1) and 3. The ZSG used to operate the machines in multiple, and they were the last machines of their type in such service. They reliably hauled freight trains from Niedergörne station to the factory. The duo were only taken out of service after the purchase of modern Vossloh type G 6 machines, but the two V 22 Bs were still retained as reserve power until expiry of their licences at the end of 2013. The photo shows both locomotives in July 2014, along with their factory-fresh replacements.

The locos are still both largely in their "as delivered" condition. They fit into the collection very well, as they represent a class of diesel locos both familiar at Wittenberge depot and typical for the region. They are also a vivid reminder of locomotive construction in the state of Brandenburg.

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