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small diesel locomotive S 200 13

Builder:LHB, Salzgitter
Type:S 200
Power output:245 PS
Maximum speed:42 km/h
State:In working order

This locomotive is a diesel shunting loco built by the company Linke-Hoffmann-Busch, Salzgitter, originally delivered to the Salzgitter-Chemie GmbH. The company used to operate a chemicals processing factory adjacent to the station of Melbeck-Embsen, near Lüneburg. Following closure of the factory in the 1980s, the loco was sold to the Stärkefabrik Wietzendorf, where it was used to shunt wagons for unloading potatoes. The loco is currently in working order. It has a 245 HP six-cylinder diesel engine and a top speed of 42 km/h.

The three pictures following were taken by Heinreich Priesterjahn in October, 1986 and show the loco in its earlier place of work, the nitrogen factory in Embsen, near Lüneburg.

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