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16.05.2020: Work on vehicles continues

Unfortunately, there are no immediate commitments for 50 3570 but during the winter break we have worked on her left-hand driving wheel connecting rod bearing and re-installed it on 16.05.2020. This is the bearing located in the big end of the mighty rod connecting the piston rod from the steam cylinder with the locomotive’s öeft-hand driving wheel. This is known as a “plain bearing”. The bearing shells slide on the rotating journal on a very thin film of oil. Since the tractive force of the locomotive is transferred to the wheel here, the bearing must be very precisely machined and the oil lubrication must be sufficient to prevent the oil film rupturing and causing bearing damage.
On the first picture you can see that such a bearing consists of two halves. Here the rear half is just being installed. The front half is still missing. And always take care of your fingers!

On the next picture the bearing is completely inserted and the return crank can now be mounted in front of it. The return crank controls the movement of the valve spindle on which are mounted the piston valves, which in turn control the admission and exhaust phases of steam to and from the cylinder.

From the next picture, our young colleague is trying to tighten the bolts of the return crank. But don't worry. Our fitters have tightened the nuts a little bit and they are now tight.

We also carried on with construction site no. 2, rail car trailer 190 851, where we recently reported that the end walls below the windows were badly rusted. The rusty areas have in the meantime been cut out and corresponding metal sheets fabricated which are now being welded in place.

Construction site no. 3, the G10 freight car, is also on the road to recovery, now that the renovation of the underframe and the steel frame of the superstructure has almost been completed. Here is a short look back.
First, we see the car on 12.08.2019 shortly after the removal of the wooden walls began.

in the next picture you can see the car on 16.11.2019. The wooden side walls have already been completely removed and the front wall struts removed for reconditioning.

And the last picture shows one of the four springs, installed to protect the car body against strong shocks.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 190 851-6, G 10

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