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27.03.2021: Diesel locomotive 60022 in operation

Today was dedicated to vehicle care. Especially the exhibits that currently have to stand outside need regular care. So today the axle bearings of our steam locomotive 44 and the diesel locomotives V60 and V22 were oiled. Since the exhibits are quite heavy, we put diesel locomotive 60022 into operation, with which the shunting could be done without any problems.
The diesel locomotive is an engine from MaK in Kiel with 600 HP. An interesting feature of the locomotive is that it does not have an electric starter to start the engine. Rather, compressed air is fed into the engine so that it completes the first few revolutions pneumatically. In the process, diesel is injected into the cylinders and the engine takes ignition. The following film shows how this works:

The following pictures show our diesel locomotive 60022 on its way to the exhibits standing outside and the provision of the locomotives on our maintenance channel in the outside area of the museum

In addition, we removed an axle and the corresponding springs from our freight car

vehicle: 60022

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