Forthcoming steam weekends (2021):
08-09 May 03-04 July 09-10 October
Opening hours at other times:
from 03 April to 16 October every saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.
Further information is available here.
Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.

other types of vehicles Motorised trolley type Schöneweide

Motorised trolley type Schöneweide

This vehicle, known as an SKL for short (Schwerkleinlok, or heavy small tractor) was developed in the 1960s specially for the use of the permanent way districts. It has an enclosed driver's cab in which the four-cylinder diesel motor is also accommodated, and a large loading area on which tools and spare parts for line and signal maintenance were carried. There were various accessories which could be fitted to these vehicles such as a telescopic crane and a trailer to increase its carrying capacity. Our vehicle was stationed at the permanent way depot at Jerichow until it closed in 1994, when the vehicle was taken over by the society.

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