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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


26.06.2021: Preparation for the test steam

As our steam locomotives are to be fired up for a test run next weekend, a lot of preparations had to be made. Most of the work was done on our steam locomotive 50 3570, whose boiler overhaul was completed just in time. In the course of this, some boiler tubes were replaced and then a hydraulic test was successfully carried out. Now the steam regulator can be installed. For this purpose, the so-called steam dome on the top of the boiler was opened. We used this once again for final checks.

In the process, rare views from the inside of the boiler can be seen. The following picture shows the so-called ceiling anchors. These are the long metal rods to which the firebox is attached inside the boiler.

In the course of the boiler inspection, the safety valves were also refurbished. In the event of overpressure in the boiler, they ensure that the excess steam can escape from the boiler. A deafening spectacle.

A colleague preferred to enjoy the nice weather outside the locomotive shed. He took pity on the track markings that had been placed in the turntable pit. These had become somewhat weathered over the last few years. The turntable operator can orientate himself by these markings.

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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