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11.05.2023: After the festival is before the festival

We look back with pride on our spring festival last weekend. For the active members of our club it was four exhausting days, but the effort was worth it. First, we started on Thursday before the event to fire up the big steam locomotives 50 3570 and 01 509. This is quite lengthy, because first the coal-fired 50 3570 has to be brought up to operating temperature. That alone takes a good six hours.

With its steam, the oil-fired 01 509 can then be put into operation. Until it can generate steam itself, at least another five hours will pass. The time could be used, however, to carry out some last cosmetic repairs on our layout. The position indicators in the turntable pit were repainted and the pipes inside Emma's boiler were cleaned of soot.

On Friday, the vehicles from the museum stock as well as two guest locomotives were brought into a photo-ready position. We would like to thank the WFL company for allowing us to exhibit the electric locomotive 112 024 and the diesel locomotive 231 012. The former is an electric locomotive of the last GDR generation, which is designed for a maximum speed of 160 km/h. It and its sisters still haul passenger trains on the Deutsche Bahn AG network today.

Diesel locomotive 231 012, on the other hand, was built in 1972 for heavy freight service in the former Soviet Union and can travel at a maximum speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). The locomotive was used by DB AG until 1995 and came to its current owner via detours in 2011.

On Saturday and Sunday, we welcomed a total of over 1,600 guests. This is a great success and we are pleased with the lively attendance despite the moderate weather. We believe that we were able to offer a lot. For example, we ran a small special train across the grounds with alternating traction which was provided by the two small steam locomotives Emma and Pritzwalk as well as our class V23 diesel locomotives.

Of course, our exhibits in and in front of the locomotive shed could also be admired from close up.

Also the friendly gentlemen of the transport police were present again, but did not have to intervene. Thank you again for your visit!

The daily highlight was certainly the large vehicle parade on Saturday and Sunday, where we traditionally present our operational vehicles. We were also able to present our diesel locomotive 114 774, which is now operational again and will soon be approved for operations on the German main line network.

The parade was led by one of our trolley cars, followed by several vehicles from the museum stock.

And on Saturday evening we have a special offer for railroad photographers. For them, according to the script, various scenes from the everyday operation 40 years ago were reenacted. All club members wore authentic uniforms for this purpose, of course.

This is a short report from our spring festival 2023. If you are in acute need to see our steam locomotive EMMA in operation, we recommend the station festival in Luckau next weekend. On Thursday, May 11, 2023, the little locomotive was handed over to the trusted hands of the transport company Auto Ehrig from Schwarzenberg, which will bring it to Luckau overnight.

More information about the event in Luckau can be found here:

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, 114 774-3

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