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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


11.05.2022: Review of the spring festival

Last weekend was the first event of this year when our visitors could see our vehicles in action. From our point of view it was a complete success, because we had many satisfied guests, the weather cooperated and the technology also played along. Thank God! So we look back on the past days with satisfaction.
In the week before the event, scheduled track maintenance was still on the agenda, in the course of which various wooden sleepers were replaced with those made of concrete. In addition, remnants of switches and crossings were removed that no longer serve any purpose today.

On the Friday before the event, our operable exhibits were rigged. They were loaded with coal, the water tanks were filled and they were cleaned. Steam locomotive 50 3570 was also decorated because it is celebrating its 80th birthday these days.

The cab of steam locomotive 50 3624 was prepared for visitors. For example, all the controls on the cab have been marked and the lighting has been added. In addition, a friendly mannequin in a fireman's uniform invites visitors to enter the cab.

The "Pritzwalk" steam locomotive has been fitted with new lanterns that look similar to the original.

In addition, the railroad company Potsdam contributed some exhibits for the locomotive exhibition in the outdoor area. Many thanks again for that! In the following picture, you can see the diesel locomotive 221 145 of the former Deutsche Bundesbahn in dark red livery next to its sister 118 692 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

In the following we show some more pictures of the event itself and the photo session on Saturday evening, where we set up some vehicles for railroad photographers to be photographed or to be brought to life with theatrical smoke.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 50 3624-9, Pritzwalk

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