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13.04.2019: Work in progress on 50 3570

Many regular visitors to our museum and our website will be well aware that we have to do maintenance work on our loco 50 3570 in order to keep her fit to steam in the future.

A major part of this work has been to free the inside of the boiler from lime-scale (boiler furring). To do this, all the wash-out plugs had to be removed and the boiler thoroughly cleaned. Those same 30 or so washout plugs then had to be reconditioned and replaced. Two of our members busied themselves with the refettling of the plugs today and other members screwed them back into place in the boiler.

There were also other jobs to be carried out on the brakes and the running gear. All the brake blocks were changed and the pneumatic control valves in the braking system were removed for reconditioning.

Work was also carried out on the axle bearings to ensure that the locomotive runs smoothly. That is really dirty work, but what the heck - at least it's worth taking a shower afterwards!

Over the course of the last week, a vegetation check has been undertaken on the running lines in the museum, to prevent an uncontrolled spread of plant life on the tracks.

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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