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16.04.2019: A tender change for our steam locomotives

As regular readers of our newsletter will already know, we are currently in the middle of a general overhaul on our steam loco 50 3570. To obtain the official permit ("ticket") following the overhaul, all parts of the engine must be in perfect working order. Since there is still work outstanding on the locomotive's tender - that is, the truck attached which carries its coal and water - the tender has been exchanged with that from 50 3682-7, which still has a valid ticket. This change of tenders will help to speed up the return of 50 3570 to traffic.
However, this tender change is not purely for operating and administrative reasons. During its time in railway service, the loco was in fact coupled to a type 2‘2 T28 tender (a tender on two two-axle bogies, with a water capacity of 28 m³, or 6,160 imp. gallons), in other words, the type of tender to which it is now temporarily attached. Tenders of this type, unlike the locomotives themselves, were still being built in the 1950s, differing from the original type 2‘2 T26 in having a greater capacity for coal and water (26m³, or 5,720 gallons). The pictures below show the two tender types: on the left, the newer version, on the right, the original:

Unfortunately, it's not just a matter of unhooking a tender from one locomotive and coupling it to another. Engine and tender are attached by three steel bars, each the diameter of a man's arm, while the middle of these three bars is pressed against the engine with a force of several tons by a huge spring located within the tender frames. This spring tension can only be overcome by using hydraulic assistance. The hydraulic equipment is seen in front of the engine in the next picture.

After splitting the locomotives and tenders, each engine was attached to the other one's tender.
The following pictures show the engines and tenders still separated:

We thank the company Malowa, Benndorf, for the professional execution of the works.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 50 3682-7

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