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29.05.2021: It's on

Under the motto "It's on" we did some work last Saturday. First, our Emma was pulled out of the shed into the sun. The little locomotive underwent some maintenance work. For example, a bench seat was removed from the driver's cab, which will be reconstructed in the next few days.

Sweat was running during further work on the steam locomotive 50 3570. Here a refurbished blowdown valve was mounted under the boiler and water level indicators were screwed on in the driver's cab.

Paint also ran through the spray nozzles of our painter, who painted two diesel engines, one of which will soon be put on display.

Water ran through the nozzle of our high-pressure cleaner. A hard-working colleague cleared the examination pit of dirt where Emma usually stands.

Finally, the VW engine of the Breuer tractor is running again, which another colleague brought to life in homework. In the near future we will be able to reassemble the tractor.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, Breuer Lokomotor

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