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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


05.03.2023: News from the locomotive shed

Last Saturday, our steam locomotives 50 3570 and 3682 got a taste of spring air. We shunted them onto the track next to the locomotive shed to clean them with a water jet. Due to the size of the locomotives, this took several colleagues several hours.

In fast motion it looks like this:

Progress has also been made on our excavator. Here, the engine compartment could be cleared out to a large extent. Engine, air compressor, gearbox and clutch have been removed and are being repaired by two experienced colleagues. In addition, two wheel bearings could be removed today, which have to be replaced by new ones.

Last week we received a basement find from Hamburg. We are still investigating what exactly it is. We suspect that it is a so-called accounting machine, which was used to label accounting vouchers and accounts that were kept in paper form before the computer age. The machine must have been purchased between 1937 and the end of the war by the then Reichsbahndirektion Hamburg. This directorate was also responsible for the Wittenberge railway depot. According to initial research, it must have been manufactured by the company Mercedes-Bureau-Maschinen GmbH in Zella-Mehlis. This company later continued to exist under the name VEB Cellatron Büromaschinenwerk and was incorporated into the Robotron combine in 1977 (source: Wikipedia).

If you, dear readers of our newsletter, have any further information about the machine and what it was used for and how, we would be very grateful for any hints. Please feel free to contact us by email at Thank you very much in advance!
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