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25.07.2020: New parts for the bodywork

After sevoting recent weekends to recovery and cleaning up after the successful summer party, members once again looked ahead this weekend. First of all, it was observed that our museum grounds were being used as a storage depot for the construction work being carried out on the platforms of ittenberg station. Here, in the twilight hours and late into the evening, building materials were loaded onto railway wagons and pulled to the construction site at the station using a road-rail excavator.

Work is also continuing on the museum's infrastructure. To give you some background, the level crossing at our signal box Wm on the former Magdeburg station side was formerly secured with barriers operated from the signal box. We therefore plan to erect barriers again at the crossing of our museum track to the station. We have recently been able to recover the four barrier mounting blocks required in Mecklenburg, which used to stand on a railway line that had already been dismantled.

The next two pictures show a mounting block containing the electric motor for a barrier and some of the red and white painted barriers in our workshop.

The barrier system also includes St Andrew's crosses, which have a flashing light in the middle. These are being refurbished at his home by a diligent club member.

Under what conditions we will be allowed to put the barrier system back into regular operation in order to secure road access to the museum when the railway is in operation will be the result of the upcoming discussions with the road traffic authority and the state railway inspectorate.
On a rather more southerly course were other members, who picked up some steam locomotive spare parts from a friendly association. We thank the Magdeburg railway friends very much for this. On the load bed of the transporter you can see some fire bricks for our steam locomotive 50 3570 and many brake pads. By the way, the so-called fire screen

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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