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16.07.2016: Progress of work on VB 197 805

After our VB 197 805-5 had received its final coat of paint and the roof and windows were sealed, it was able to leave the work station on No. 1 road of the locomotive shed. We were able to present the vehicle to the public for the first time at our event on July 2 and 3, 2016 in its new guise.

Now the road in the hall has been vacated, we will use it to work on the car transport car from Walter Ulbricht's government train. This was originally a four-axle luggage van, which was redesigned in 1961 as a transporter for a maximum of two vehicles. For this it received larger side sliding doors and the end walls were designed as access doors. In addition, the floor of the vehicle was reinforced, because the state cars of that time were already very heavy. If you, dear readers, should by chance still have pictures or other documentation of this vehicle, we would be most grateful to receive copies.

vehicles: 197 805-5, Autotransportwaggon

Stichwörter: Fahrzeugrestauration

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