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21.02.2023: On we go

Last weekend, we continued to work on our vehicles. As reported, 50 3570 will be painted soon. We will not use high gloss paint, because you would see every scratch in the sheet metal. But nevertheless the coarsest dirt must be removed from the locomotive to produce a respectable paint job. Some of us were busy with the cleaning.

Others were busy with the change-over valve for the heating. Here, as we reported last time, some leaks had to be repaired. Therefore, the sealing surfaces were reground, the valve was reassembled and reinstalled in the locomotive.

There was also some work to be done on locomotive EMMA. Here, some grate bars had to be removed, on which the fire burns during operation. Due to the thermal load, the grate bars bend over time and have to be replaced by new ones. Fortunately, there are still companies that manufacture such things.

On the VB 197 805, the interior work continued. First, the new coverings for the ceiling were cut to size and then installed. In addition, the luggage racks could already be reinstalled.

After our replacement excavator had been made ready for towing last weekend, it could now be moved to the workshop. A farmer friend helped with his large tractor to maneuver the excavator safely into the hall. Over the next few weeks, its drive and hydraulic parts will be inspected and repaired if necessary. We hope that it will soon be ready for use.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, 197 805-5

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