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14.05.2023: Steam locomotive Emma in Luckau

One week after our own spring festival the break was already over for our steam locomotive Emma. Already on Thursday last week she was shunted onto a low loader of the company Auto Ehrig of Schwarzenberg. The company has specialized in the transport of rail vehicles and has the necessary equipment and know-how to carry out such heavy transports. Here are two pictures of the transport before departure in Wittenberge:

After several hours of travel, the transport reached Luckau station in Lower Lusatia early Friday morning, where the locomotive was immediately unloaded.
Luckau station and the adjacent lines are currently operated by DBV Förderverein Niederlausitzer Eisenbahn e.V. Among other things, this association is organizing a station festival in Luckau this weekend, on the occasion of which our steam locomotive Emma will be used for cab rides.
The weather presented itself from the best side on today's Saturday. So already in the early shift of our staff some pictures were taken, which we would like to share with you. Maybe you will have time and opportunity to visit the station festival tomorrow, Sunday? The colleagues from the Niederlausitzer Eisenbahn and Emma are looking forward to seeing you.

vehicle: Emma

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