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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


04.03.2024: News from Wittenberge

Surprisingly, another four weeks have passed since our last newsletter. Where has the time gone? We've certainly been busy.
Our diesel locomotives needed some maintenance once again. The brakes on the blue V23 were adjusted and all the operating fluids topped up.

The main inspection of our 114 774 is also nearing completion. All auxiliary units were checked and the batteries charged so that the engine can be started again soon.

Our stock of road vehicles is also growing. One member had built a small tractor himself from various components in GDR times. This robust vehicle has now been brought to the museum to help us with larger transport tasks

When filling the water tower after the winter break, we realised that water was seeping in somewhere outside the tower. As it turned out, a transport pipe to the former coal storage area had sprung a leak and the water was seeping into the ground there. The gate valve for this pipe now had to be found and closed. Fortunately, it was located near the water tower.

New old exhibits can also be found at the so-called coal yard. Here we have installed a number of station signs from railway stations, some of which have long since been abandoned. They come from the collection of the late Wolfgang List from Stendal.

And there is also news from our shop. The latest magnetic board shows an enlarged version of our steam locomotive 50 3570. How about it? It will certainly fit on your fridge door. It will be available from the opening of the season at Easter in our ticket office area at the museum entrance.

vehicle: 114 774-3

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