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13.01.2016: New hub acquired

Anyone who remembers the Wittenberge depot as it was knows that there were two turntables and another locomotive shed. The shed was designed as a full roundhouse, i.e. a completely enclosed building with an internal turntable. Unfortunately, all - or what remained of it - was demolished or scrapped at the end of the last century. Now, you can never have enough space in a museum, and some time ago a plan was drawn up for the medium term to rebuild the turntable, the tracks and later parts of the building. And sometimes things happen sooner than you think. Thus we were able to acquire a 20-meter turntable, which was still relatively new, from the former railway depot in Parchim at short notice. This was dismantled in the last fewdays and the individual parts shipped to Wittenberge. The next move will be to recondition its components, then build a new pit. Our thanks go to all involved for the fast and uncomplicated handling. The photos were taken by Dirk Endisch on 12. and 13.1.2016.

Stichwörter: Drehscheibe, Infrastruktur

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