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Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.


22.11.2016: St. Nicholas' trips on the industrial and harbour branches

On December 10 and 11 2016, the railway museum "Historischer Lokschuppen Wittenberge" will be inviting all young and old railway enthusiasts for the first time to St Nicholas' Day trips on the industrial and harbour railway. The journey with the historic Uerdinger 798 class railcar begins at 10.30 a.m. from museum platform 5 on the former Magdeburg side of Wittenberge railway station. The journey then leads over the grounds of the railway museum "Historischer Lokschuppen" and the Wittenberge railway station to the industrial and harbour railway. On the way, St. Nicholas himself will be boarding the train and will surprise all young passengers.

The tickets for the St. Nicholas trips cost 6 euros for adults and 4 euros for children. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Tourist Information Wittenberge (Paul-Linke-Platz 1, 19322 Wittenberge, telephone +49 3877 / 92 91 81, Touristinfo@kfh-wbge.de). The number of seats is limited, and if any tickets trmain, they will be sold at museum platform 5 before the railcar departs.

30.10.2016: End of the steam season in Wittenberge

On 30.10.2016 about 30 photo friends gathered after previous registration in the historical locomotive shed Wittenberge to watch the annual steam run-down. Here some scenes from the 1980s were recreated, when our engine shed was still in operation. We think that we made some nice pictures possible for the photographers, because the weather played some part. Our two steam locomotives 50 3682 and 50 3570 as well as some club members, who let themselves be captured in historical uniforms on the memory cards, were also part of the party.

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23.10.2016: Farewell trip to Putlitz

On Sunday, 23.10.2016, some railway enthusiasts took advantage of the late autumn weather to take a farewell ride on the route between Pritzwalk and Putlitz. For this purpose the Uerdinger rail bus of the class 798 of the railway company Potsdam was fetched from its current domicile in Putlitz. There were many photo stops and afterwards many satisfied faces of the participants, even if there was a little melancholy. The route will no longer be operated from the end of 2016 and so this will have been one of the last trains to run over the route. The following photos were taken by Dirk Endisch.

28.09.2016: New publication

Enlarged edition with many new photos

Just in time for the 170th anniversary of the former Wittenberge depot, the second, supplemented and exnlarged edition of the museum guide "Historischer Lokschuppen Wittenberge" is available. The depot at Wittenberge used to be one of the largest on the Deutsche Reichsbahn. In 1846, the Berlin-Hamburg Railway (BHE) put the first locomotive shed, today known as Schuppen III, into operation in the town on the Elbe. In 1872 a roundhouse with a turntable in the middle (later Schuppen I) followed. Then in 1889, between these two engine sheds a semi-circular shed was built, today's "Historic Engine Shed".

In the 1960s, Wittenberge developed into a major railway depot with around 1,000 railway workers and up to 150 locomotives. It was not until spring 1987 that the last class 50.35 steam locomotives were withdrawn from service here. With the collapse of rail traffic on the DR, Wittenberge depot quickly lost its importance. In 1997 the shed doors closed and nature started reclaiming the area but after 15 years of slumber, a miracle happened - steam locomotives moved back into the roundhouse, which opened its doors to visitors in October 2012 as a railway museum. The brochure, illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, describes the development and the buildings of the Wittenberge Railway Station as well as the vehicles of the Railway Museum. The brochure is available in the "Historisches Lokschuppen". It can also be obtained from bookstores or the publishing house Dirk Endisch.

Further information:
Dirk Endisch, Dennis Kathke
Historischer Lokschuppen Wittenberge (in German)
The Wittenberge Railway Museum and its vehicles
2nd edition, revised and enlarged
128 pages with 31 tables, 12 drawings and 100 illustrations; 170 x 240 mm;
Saddle-stitched brochure;: 15.00 euros
ISBN 978-3-936893-89-6

16.09.2016: Emma goes to Innotrans

Our little steam locomotive Emma will again be the secret star of the world's largest trade fair for railway technology in Berlin. The fair starts on 20.9. and ends on the following Sunday. During this time Emma will be available for cab rides. Since the small locomotive cannot travel to Berlin on its own, DB Schenker loaded it onto a heavy-duty low-loader and transported it to the trade fair.

vehicle: Emma

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07.08.2016: New locomotive in Wittenberge

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24.02.2016: The roofers are busy

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