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11.12.2021: Work on the tender of the 50 3570

With big steps the completion of the tender for the steam locomotive 50 3570 is approaching. Still some sheet metal work had to be done. But also rust protection paint could be applied.

With this we say goodbye for this year. We hope that you, dear visitors of our website and subscribers of our newsletter, enjoyed our reporting. We will continue to report here in the usual way next year. If you have any special requests that you would like us to address at this point, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at
It remains for us to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay in touch with us!

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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13.11.2021: Autumn work

Last Saturday the active members of the club were busy again. Work continued on the 50 3570. First, the ash box was thoroughly cleaned. Then the examination pit had to be cleaned of the slag.

Then the locomotive was driven back to the shed and the boiler was washed out. This is necessary from time to time because the lime contained in the boiler water settles on the walls and pipes in the boiler and can cause damage if the deposits become too thick. This is why the boilers of our steam locomotives have to be flushed with high pressure.

Work also continued on the future tender of the locomotive. After certain areas had been sandblasted a fortnight ago, some sheet metal work could now be carried out. Rusty sheets were cut out and replaced by new ones.

The youth was busy with internal transports.

In the afternoon a tanker came to supply our diesel locomotives with fuel. For this purpose the locomotives were placed on the track next to the locomotive shed.

There was also news from the paint shop: Here the diesel locomotive 0605 got new paint in the area of the running gear.

On a diesel loco V23 parts of the engine and the tank were repainted.

30.10.2021: Work on steam locomotive 50 3570

In order to keep steam locomotive 50 3570 safely in operation next year, we are carrying out some more extensive work on the locomotive during the winter break. We had already reported that the tender's brake system is being overhauled. Now the final work on it has been done: You probably know, dear visitors of our news, that the brake of the steam locomotive works with compressed air. In order to brake, the compressed air is fed through several brake cylinders where it presses on the brake pistons.These brake pistons have now been fitted with new sleeves so that no air can escape unintentionally at the sides of the pistons, thereby reducing the braking effect. In the following picture we see two colleagues who are about to install a brake piston

In the following picture you can see the brake piston installed in the brake cylinder. The piston rod is still missing, which is inserted into the thin tube and connected to the fork in the foreground. By the way, the round disc on the right side of the picture is the inside of a wheel of the tender.

Meanwhile, other colleagues were busy removing the steam regulator. For this purpose, a hatch, the so-called steam dome, is opened at the top of the boiler in order to be able to remove the regulator.

No, no Martians have landed. Rather, the tender of the locomotive was driven to our outdoor area at noon so that it could be sandblasted. This involves bombarding the metal surfaces with a granulate that removes the rust. You have to wear a protective suit for this work because the granules whirling around can cause injuries.

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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23.10.2021: After the season is before the season

After our autumn festival a fortnight ago, we now have to do some maintenance and repair work to get our exhibits through the winter. First we turned our attention to steam locomotive 50 3570. During the last operations, some bars in the firebox had warped and had to be replaced with new ones. This is a job where one must not be afraid of dirt. Afterwards a shower is definitely worth it.

Work also continued on the tender. Here, the last parts of the freshly refurbished brake were installed.

The small steam locomotives were placed on the examination pit under the open sky and slagged out. Afterwards the boilers were drained to avoid frost damage in winter.

One of the two operable class V23 diesel locomotives was taken to the workshop to be thoroughly cleaned. The locomotive has so far the number 2 of the Stendal pulp mill and a blue livery. It will soon be painted orange and bear the number 102 076. This is a reminder of the use of an identical locomotive with this number at the Wittenberge depot in the days of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The locomotive is to be used in future together with the VB 197 805 sidecar, which will soon be operational again. This combination of such sidecars and locomotives used to be typical for the branch lines in the Prignitz and the neighbouring Altmark.

Diesel locomotive 0605 also needs a new paint job. It was also taken to the workshop. We will report soon which colours it will get.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, OHE 0605

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09.10.2021: Autumn festival

In bright sunshine, the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge was celebrated its autumn festival last weekend. The event was very well attended. We welcomed a total of 1,400 guests. The consistently positive feedback encourages us that we are on the right track. Many thanks for your visit and also a big thank you to the RBB radio station in Perleberg, which referred to our event in its weekend tips.
But let's take it one step at a time: On the Friday before the event, we noticed that a small hare had fallen into the turntable pit and could not get out under its own power. So we held a hare hunt, caught the little guy and released him. He is doing well again.

Of course, the rolling stock and equipment also had to be prepared for the event. Locomotives had to be cleaned and supplies provided, barbecues, benches and tables prepared and food and drink bought, baked and cooked. Our special thanks at this point once again go to the Wittenberge fire brigade. Once again, they cooked their delicious pea soup and provided it for our guests.

On the days of the event we captured some more impressions, which we will show in the following.

Do you, dear guests, feel like sharing your pictures with us? If you have beautiful pictures of the event, we would be pleased to receive a selection and publish them here later. Please send us an email to, attach the pictures and tell us whether we may mention your name in case of publication. Thank you very much!
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