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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf

archive 2021

image of the month 1. December 2021

On July 3, 2021, Emma pulled the tank car onto the museum grounds.
On this day we opened the museum for our guests and had our steam locomotives in operation.
vehicle: Emma

image of the month 1. November 2021

This month we present our bistro car. This was originally a C4ü-28, a four-axle standard express train wagon, 3rd class, type 1928.
This season, our painter took care of the wagon and did some sheet metal work and repainted the wagon.
vehicle: Bistrowagen

image of the month 1. October 2021

On our festive weekends and the Day of the Monument, our guests can flex their muscles.
Our hand lever trolley invites you to do so.
In this picture, our trolley enthusiasts show their strength after the parade ride on 14 & 15 august 2021.
They pull the rail trolley right along to the locomotive shed.
This trolley will also be in use at the festival weekend in October.

image of the month 1. September 2021

On 14.08.2021, during our summer festival, some photographers provided us with beautiful pictures during a photo session.
Stefan Weiß sent this photo to the association.
It shows the departure of the 50 3570 with a small close freight.
Several persons helped with these pictures and made it possible to take a small leap back in time to the 80s.
Thank you, as well as the staff, for your support.
vehicle: 50 3570-4

image of the month 1. August 2021

On 03.07.2021, "Emma", "Pritzwalk" and 50 3570-4 were finally under steam again.

On this Saturday we fired them up for the first time this year to see how well our steam locomotives were running after the repair and maintenance work.

On the occasion of our planned summer party in July we met for this date.

On 14.8 & 15.8.2021 you, dear guests and railway enthusiasts are invited to our summer festival.
vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, Pritzwalk

image of the month 1. July 2021

"Emma", "Pritzwalk" and the SKL stand in front of the shed and welcomed the first guests in June.
The locomotives were cleaned and prepared for their test run on the 1st weekend in July. We are looking forward to our guests!
vehicles: Emma, Pritzwalk, Schwerkleinwagen Typ Schöneweide

image of the month 1. June 2021

Dear railway enthusiasts,
Since we did not have the opportunity to present our locomotives until Whitsun, we still have some hard-working "workhorses" that do their job outside of opening hours.
We would like to dedicate this month's picture to two of our small shunting locomotives. They do their job and are always ready for action.
V 22 B and 100 547-9
vehicles: 100 547-9, V 22 B

image of the month 1. May 2021

Dear railway friends,
May has come. As we would have liked to invite you to our spring festival, with plenty of steam and smoke, we hope for better times.
The two steam locomotives 50 3570 and 35 1097 met in October 2019 for our autumn festival in this picture. The guest locomotive of the association "IG Traditionslok 58 3047 e.V." from Glauchau arrived on Sunday, 13.10.2019, with a special train from Wismar. Shortly after this encounter, the train left the museum and brought its passengers safely home.
vehicle: 50 3570-4

image of the month 1. April 2021

Spring is here and the days are getting longer. The sun rises earlier, which can also be felt in our locomotive shed.
The golden morning sun brings our locomotives out of hibernation. Here, 114 774-3 is being "kissed awake".
We wish you, dear railway friends, a nice start into spring and a happy Easter.
vehicle: 114 774-3

image of the month 1. March 2021

Even if most of the snow has melted, a flake may fall every now and then. We still have a few days of winter.
So our V22 B kept company with our 44 594 on 13.02.202.
vehicles: 44 594, V 22 B

image of the month 1. February 2021

On 15.1.2021, the three diesels stood in front of our shed at dawn.
It had snowed overnight and the snow held for a while.
So the wintry impression was immediately captured with the SKL, the 118 692 and the V22.
vehicles: 118 692-3, V 22 B, Schwerkleinwagen Typ Schöneweide

image of the month 1. January 2021

Beautiful in winter, this is how 50 3570-4 was in steam at Salzwedel depot on 11.02.2012.
Behind her is 118 692-3. The two vehicles were photographed in front of the water tower.
The photo was taken at a photo event to mark the farewell of the Salzwedel depot.
vehicles: 50 3570-4, 118 692-3

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