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archive 2022

image of the month 1. December 2022

At the end of November, our 50 3570-4 was fired up for the last time this year. It steamed up the oil-fired 01 0509-8, for an Advent trip. In the evening hours of 29.11.2022, the Reko 50 was under steam in front of the locomotive shed.
In the background you can see the former Wittenberg express locomotive.
We wish the 01.5 a good journey and you, dear railway enthusiasts, a wonderful pre-Christmas period.
vehicle: 50 3570-4

image of the month 1. November 2022

We had high-wheeled visitors on 8 and 9.10.2022 on the occasion of our autumn festival. On the left 01 0509 is resting. On the right, 50 3570 steams onto the turntable.

image of the month 1. October 2022

We have been running the museum in the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge for exactly 10 years now. Reason enough to take a look back. The first exhibit to enter the otherwise empty locomotive shed under its own power was the steam locomotive Emma on September 29th, 2012.
vehicle: Emma

image of the month 1. September 2022

There will be some activities at the museum in the coming month.
On 11.09. for the Day of the Monument, trolley rides will be offered.
The 17.09.2022 will also be interesting, for the Day of the Rail, the locomotive shed has come up with a programme together with our neighbours, the EGP.
The museum offers a shuttle train with our diesel locomotives.
Our machines will also get out into the fresh air again.

image of the month 1. August 2022

The two works locomotives are also regularly in use at our steam festivals.
Here, "Emma" and "Pritzwalk" have taken a little break.
vehicles: Emma, Pritzwalk

image of the month 1. July 2022

After the engines have completed their parade run, they have to be sorted into the locomotive shed.
The turntable attendant now has a lot of work to do!
So the queue of our vehicles could be captured during the spring event.
On 09.07. and 10.07.2022 you, dear guests, are invited to our summer steam.
vehicles: 44 594, 60022, OHE 0604, V 22 B, Typ 1 Schienentrabbi

image of the month 1. June 2022

Happy BIRTHDAY, old girl!
Our locomotive 50 3570-4 has turned 80 years old.
It was built in 1942 by Henschel in Kassel and delivered to the Deutsche Reichsbahn on 21 May 1942 as 50 2308.
In 1959, the locomotive received a new boiler with a mixing preheater, a new induced draught system and a larger heating surface as part of the reconstruction programme of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (GDR). This gave the engine more power.
The Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk Stendal took over this reconstruction and from then on it bore the number 50 3570 and was now a Reko 50.
In 1970, due to the introduction of the EDP designation, the locomotive was renamed 50 3570-4.
From 1983, it ran services for the Wittenberge depot, was decommissioned in 1987 and retired in 1993.
It was bought in 1993 by Herrman Wiebe, a track-laying contractor and railway enthusiast, and underwent a visual overhaul.
In 2003, it was handed over to the Dampflokfreunde Salzwedel, and the club gradually restored it to working order.
Since 2009, the locomotive has been in working order again and can be seen by our guests and photo enthusiasts, despite its advanced age.
When the Dampflokfreunde Salzwedel moved into the museum in Wittenberge in 2012, the Reko 50 also came home again.
One of our locomotive drivers gave her a dignified wreath for her 80th birthday.
All the best and have a good trip!
vehicle: 50 3570-4

image of the month 1. May 2022

May is here and we have meanwhile opened the gates for our guests.
We are happy to finally celebrate a spring festival with you again!
So the sun is also shining in our locomotive shed and we are starting a new season.

image of the month 1. April 2022

Our two shunting locomotives of the type V 22 B are shown in front of the administration building.
In blue, locomotive 4 of the VEB Märkische Ölwerke Wittenberge and very fresh in orange 102 076-7 of the Bw Wittenberge.
Both locomotives found a new home here in July 2014.
Two club members acquired them from the pulp mill in Arneburg, near Stendal.
They have been refurbished and are in regular use.

image of the month 1. March 2022

The grey days are slowly disappearing and becoming longer and sunnier.
We at the Wittenberge depot are also looking forward to a beautiful spring in the coming month.
This is how it looks at the moment when our 44 594 lets the evening sun shine on its boiler.
vehicle: 44 594

image of the month 1. February 2022

At the beginning of February, we reach into the archives.
The weather and the current situation let us reminisce about last year.
In summer 2021, our guests were able to photograph the E 44 on the turntable.
Since autumn 2015, it has been the only electric locomotive to enrich the vehicle collection in our museum.
vehicle: E44 143

image of the month 1. January 2022

Dear railway enthusiasts,

We welcome you warmly to the new year 2022, in which we have now been at home in the Historic Locomotive Shed Wittenberge for 10 years.

118 692 -3 and the SKL were photographed like this in winter dress in front of our locomotive shed.

Your Steam Locomotive Friends Salzwedel, Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge
vehicles: 118 692-3, Schwerkleinwagen Typ Schöneweide

Dampflokfreunde Salzwedel e.V. Am Bahnhof 6, 19322 Wittenberge